Gentlewoman Natural Oval Green Peridot 925 Silver Pave Ring
Classic gemstone ring make in 925 sterling silver with four-prong setting allows the center peridot to float above a brilliant pave band, resulting in a ring so beautiful it has long been a symbol of the world’s greatest love stories. About...
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Harmony Natural Elegant Pear Green Peridot 925 Silver Necklace
The sleek elegant styling of this Peridot pendant is a testimony to the designers who created it. You're sure to impress wearing this shimmering beauty. About Of This Product: 925 Silver with rhodium plated Pear green peridot Stone size: 7x5 mm...
Perseverance Natural Elegant Oval Green Peridot 925 Silver Blossom Necklace
Sparkling tones of olive green will radiate from this incredible peridot necklace, with warmth and well-being emanating from its depths and allowing mental stimulation and encouraging rejuvenation throughout the body. About Of This Product: 925 Silver with Rhodium plated Oval cutting...
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