Our Story

Style is something each of us already has, all we need to do is find it.

Started In 1990

We are Malaysia Voon Silver Jewelry (MYVSJ), a company that operates a variety of natural gemstones jewelry.

MYVSJ follow strict quality control standards ensuring years of beauty and enjoyment of jewelry. By playing a deeper role in society, we ensure our business acts with genuine and honest.


We have a passion about gemstones jewellry and we want to share that passion with you.

Years of jewelry making experience, The best suppliers and jewelry knowledge allows us to get the best possible prices, which we, in turn, can pass on to our customers.


The MYVSJ philosophy is simple; Every woman deserves a more perfect self.

We use genuine gemstone, Precious metals To complete a piece of jewelry. -- if we are going to sell jewellry, they may as well be the best quality jewel that we can find, right? That said, we also believe that a exquisite lifestyle shouldn’t bust the bank; remember, Beautiful is not just for the wealthy.

Loyal To Natural

For many people, the real satisfaction comes from the gems they actually own. Most people can't afford expensive gems, but anyone can collect certain ore, even if it doesn't have gem characteristics but still full of charm.

You may stumble across a piece of amber on the beach, or come across a fine piece of jewelry at a local auction house. No matter how simple your collection is, they will bring you happiness.
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